Nike - #RealPrincess

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Nike - #RealPrincess

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Young girls are under pressure to look and dress in certain ways that are generally opposed to the idea of practicing sports. Create a campaign that encourages young girls to engage with sports.


Princesses are the archetypal example of a ‘girly girly’. Furthermore, Disney Princesses are a quintessential symbol of what that stereotype embodies. They’ve influenced the lives of young girls in areas such as love and marriage; could they do the same for sport?


Real Princess. An idea that borrows the influence of Disney Princesses by using their images and anecdotes from their stories and gives them a sporting twist with the attitude of the Nike Brand; subverting the idea that princesses/'girly girls' cannot practice sport.


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A series of interative comic books produced for mobile devices. The content will show a retelling of the Princesses’ fairy tales, with the same sporting twist as found in the print ads.

Example: Cinderella is a girl that loves to run, and she’s good at it. However, her beauty obsessed step-mother and sisters don’t allow her to practice. She sneaks out to her school track and sets an amazing time at night, leaving her trainer behind. Seeing the time, her school coach sets out on a mission to find the time setter with nothing to go on but the forgotten trainer.

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A digital retail innovation that combines the concept with the commercial strength of Nike’s network of stores.

Using the theme of Snow White’s ‘magic mirror’, Nike creates digital augmented reality mirrors in their stores. The mirrors allows customers to digitally try on Nike productsand dress themselves in the theme of their favourite princesses. The mirror can send a list of a customer’s chosen products to their devices via NFC technology, which they can then use to find them on the shop floor.

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